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Awesome Site

Post  eplee on Thu Oct 27, 2011 7:14 pm

I suggest that everyone goes to PerfectGPT. Since joining this site on June 8th I have cashed out a total over $120.00. It is by far the best GPT site that I am a part of. You can cashout for paypal with a minimum payout of $1.00 or Amazon gift cards. The users are very helpful along with the owners! Take a look!

PerfectGPT - the most awesomely perfect reward site on the net today!

Earning your first payment can be broken down into these simple steps-

1. Signing up.

2. Find and complete an offer. There are hundreds of offers for you to do. They can each range from taking 10 seconds to complete to a few minutes.

3. Get Paid. You simply tell us whether you would like Amazon or Paypal. We send payments out on every Sunday.

Referring your friends!-

We will match 10% of everything your friends make, as long as they registered via your referral link. We have a nice banner you can include on your websites, too!
On top of that, if your referral refers yet another member, you will make 1% of whatever those referrals make.


We have two upgrade packages available, which get you free referrals and a bonus on every offer completed.

Bronze Member- 5x the chance of getting a free referral, and 5% extra on all offers. Lasts 10 days, costs $5.
Gold Member- 15x the chance of getting a free referral, and 5% extra on all offers. Lasts 365 days, costs $40.

What more do you want me to say? Signup now and start earning your cash. You'll look back and regret why you didn't do this sooner!
*All rights reserved to PerfectGPT


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Re: Awesome Site

Post  Admin on Fri Oct 28, 2011 3:16 am

Thanks for your review of perfectgpt, sounds like a great site.


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