Get quick gift cards to Amazon, eBay, Walmart etc with Instagc

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Get quick gift cards to Amazon, eBay, Walmart etc with Instagc

Post  hungryfrog on Mon Apr 08, 2013 12:32 am

Just thought you readers might be interested in a site that helps a lot of people pay bills and do basic needs shopping. For doing easy offers, people can get easy gift cards for stores such as Amazon, Walmart, Verizon, Rite Aid etc. One can even redeem checks. There are users who cashout checks for hundreds of dollars and get it that week. Totally legit. It even has cashback links for some websites. So when I bought my laptop for $550 on Amazon for free after using gift cards from this site, I also got $11 cashback. I highly recommend this as I am sure a lot of people could use these gift cards. And when you cash out the gift card, you get the code IMMEDIATELY since they are all purchased in advance, so no need to wait. Attached to this post is a screenshot of my amazon order for a laptop which was free thanks to this site, and a screenshot of the $11 that I got for making this order. Free laptop & free cashback. who can resist such a great deal?

Check it out today!

In order to receive a free gift card, you must first earn points. Points can be earned by completing various tasks such as watching videos, completing offers, winning contests, and being an active member. Nothing has to be purchased in order to earn points. You just need a minimum of 100 points to cashout for a gift card or a check. Plus when you get started, you get 10 points just for signing up. If you want more information, please let me know and I would be glad to get you started.

100 points= $1, so that picture showing 1099 points is the $10.99 I earned as cashback for my laptop.
I then used that money for a free wireless mouse. lol

Some of the rewards you can get: checks, Amazon, eBay, rite aid, verizon, rite aid gift cards. And you cam even get $25 american express prepaid cards.


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