{PPD} GoldFile.Net | $1-$20 Per Download - payout $0.01 | Automatic payout to PAYPAL!

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{PPD} GoldFile.Net | $1-$20 Per Download - payout $0.01 | Automatic payout to PAYPAL!

Post  adkisrael on Wed Oct 17, 2012 12:20 pm

Why to join Goldfile.net?

Track down every single download with our professional dynamic diagrams and tables, know when and where they come from with ease.
Our technology is compatible with all major browsers and web content. Our tools will integrate simply and seamlessly. goldfile.net can be browsed from any device.
Easy surveys for almost every country, meaning that you will get many more downloads.
goldfile.net pays an average of $1.00 for each download up to 20$, unlike other websites, we take a very small percent commission from our users.

Payouts and rates

he average amount you get from each download depends from country to country, but from the famous countries you can get an average of $1.00+ up to more than 20$ for each download.

- minimum payout is $0.01
- Automatic payout
- Payout to : PayPal / LR / Payaza - Automatic !!!!
Whenever you reach one download, you can cash out and we will send you the money in 60 seconds,automatically.

automatic user aprrove !
every user is welcome to the site,it dosent matter who you are or what you can do,all can sign up and start earning.

Referrals !
you get 10% from each of your referral's earnings,without hurting his earnings ofcourse.
you can get an unlimited amount of referrals,it really up to you.

live chat !
talk with people from the community,get advices and have fun.


Payment proof :

Gold file, Why you no sign up?


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