Easy method in getting tons of traffic to your site nearly instantly

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Easy method in getting tons of traffic to your site nearly instantly

Post  Gypsy on Sun Sep 23, 2012 5:35 am

First of all, if you do not have Utorrent, get it.
Now,for the tricky part, find a file, picture, e-book, or anything on your system that you own or created. YOU CAN NOT USE COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL, it has to be of public nature and for best results, it should be relevant to your website content.

For example, I used the e-book I wrote about monetizing Twitter, I then put the e-book into a folder, then used winrar to compress it and ADDED A PASSWORD, this prevents anyone from extracting it, unless they have the password.
I then created a notepad(named it ReadMe.txt), and put my website link in it, explaining that the password can be found at my website. Put both items into a new folder, named it what the file is,which in my instance is the e-book, named Automate Tweets into Profits and am sending them to my website Cool

You then, open utorrent, click create new torrent(NOT ADD NEW TORRENT), and pick the "add directory" option and browse to that folder you created (which contains your compressed file and the notepad)
Utorrent will then create a torrent file and add it to the program.

Finally, you go to a few torrent share websites, such as piratebay or kickass torrents (my fav) and upload the torrent.
You have to leave utorrent open in order for people to be able to download your file(it can be minimized and run in the background), the longer you do so, the more and more people will download it and come to your site for the password.

Now you're done, just wait for them to come to your site looking for the password.
Of course you'll have it there for them. Very Happy
If you have multiple websites, you can put all your links into the notepad, regardless what your other websites are about. Cool
"goto http://blabla for the password"
"I also have a website http://blablaxx if your interested...."

Now, for an added twist to this, sign up to a few affiliate networks such as sharecash or any of the ones listed HERE in this forum.
Then, what you can do, is upload the password on the affiliate network sites and put their link codes on your website and you will gain money if people then complete a survey to unlock the password. Twisted Evil

This is why you can not use copyrighted material, you will get banned from the affiliate networks, also it wouldn't help you in your desire to gain traffic to your website.

Final notes.
For best results, be sure the files you're using are relevant to your website, because the whole reason people are downloading the files is because they are interested in them and most likely will be interested in your site as well, once they come for the pass.
The more Files you use, the more traffic you will get.

If your website is about ways to make money online, you have my permission to take this guide, put it into your own e-book/pdf, and use it for the same method it contains. Kinda redundant ehhh? Wink

But in all reality, it works.
It really doesn't matter if you make any money off of the affiliate network or if they buy anything off your website or w/e you want them there for, the main reason for this is to generate honest unique traffic and to keep it coming in steadily.
Because, google will take notice of this and you will go up in ranks on google, if your website has valuable content that people actually are looking for, that is.

Here is proof, this website has only been up for 3 days now, and look at the traffic I am getting.


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