Free $40 Visa gift card, easy to get

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Free $40 Visa gift card, easy to get

Post  Admin on Mon Mar 05, 2012 10:01 pm

The Website Great Fun is offering new members a Free $40 Visa gift card. Great Fun is an awesome site that gives it's members deep discounts on many products and services. Great Fun is a paid membership site, $14.99 a month. But if you act fast you can get your first month for only $1.00 and you can cancel anytime and you still get the $40 Visa. I signed up about 3 weeks ago, here is how it went.. I clicked the button same as the one below. Then I filled out the first page of info, consenting to the $1 charge. the next page asked me where I wanted my Visa sent, I filled it out, it said "Your Visa is on the way" , then I was shown the actual great fun site, I looked around a few minutes and saw the cool discounts I could get, but I decided it wasn't for me , so I went to my account tab, and clicked on the cancel account link... I got an email confirming I did cancel, I went into my credit card acct to see if there was a charge, there was none.. well, 2 weeks later in the mail was my $40 visa , it was easy to activate and worked flawlessly, and to this day I have never been charged by Great Fun.. Click the button below to get in on this $40 money maker !


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