Make great money by locking your information

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Make great money by locking your information

Post  Admin on Mon Oct 10, 2011 4:41 pm

Do you have information or files that others would want to see,read or get? Want to make money from it? You could post it online and put some adscense around it and get a few clicks here and there or you could lock it with a content locker and get paid every time it is viewed. The concept is simple, a person comes across your internet content, they want it but they must first complete an easy advertiser offer, this can be one of many easy tasks, like signing up for an internet newsletter or downloading a game or entering a sweepstakes. When the person successfully completes the task the web page unlocks for them and your acct is credited with cash. There are many affiliate networks that offer content locking, but by far the most popular , highest paying and easiest to unlock is AdscendMedia. If you want to get started with content lockers, first you will need to apply, and applying is easy, to get started CLICK HERE or the banner below, good luck and happy earnings.


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