Making money with micro niche sites

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Making money with micro niche sites

Post  Gypsy on Sat Oct 08, 2011 9:07 am

I give full credit to an on line friend Ewok for this wonderful guide; I did not write it.

First thing, find a niche. This can be easy or hard. I recommend downloading before you find your niche. When trying to find your niche, it could literally be anything. You can either try and search for it, or let it come to you. There are also program that help you find them, such as
I use uniches to help find mine. I pay $20/month after a discount. If you want to buy it here is the discount code I used: 80offwso . Let me know if it still works.

Anyway once you have a niche in mind, load up Google Adwords keyword tool . First check your niche in google adwords for search volume. I recommend ticking the "exact" box to get accurate results for your keyword. This keyword can also give you secondary keywords you can try to rank for. If you are okay with you search volume (I like anything over 2000 searchs with low to medium competition) then go to traffic travis. Click analyze a keyword, and type in your keyword. Once you analyze it, it should show how easy it would be to rank for it. If there are a few pr 0's on the front page it shouldn't be hard at all.

So you have your niche now what? Register a domain. With Micro niche sites, I recommend getting an exact match domain. So if your niche was gatorade drinks, you would make your site . Then get hosting for your site. I use bluehost for all my domain registering and hosting. After you have done all that you can either get a script or just simply install wordpress. The wordpress route is the way I go because it is simpler, and a lot easier. So now you can either keep the current theme or find another one. Wordpress has some Here. Now you need an article relating to your niche. You can either outsoure the article to someone else or write it yourself. Either way is fine.

Now you have your website up. How do you monetize it? Any way you want. You can use adsense, use clickbank, use amazon and try for comissions. Almost any way will work. I currently use adsense on all of mine. After you have monetized it, you need to rank it. You can either do backlinking and such manually, or use a program. I used senukex and scrapebox to help backlink mine and they work very well.

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Re: Making money with micro niche sites

Post  Admin on Sat Oct 08, 2011 5:15 pm

Nice Post, this is great info Very Happy


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